Knights Templar Wealthy

Were the Knights Templar Wealthy?

Knight Templars are one of the most mysterious figures in the history of humanity. There are a lot of legends, songs, books and, of course, films about them. Officially, they were called “the poor knights of Christ.” However, a lot of scholars are sure that this order was wealthy. You can find many movies and stories about Templar gold and coins. Many collectors are obsessed with the idea of getting it. But the main question here is “How much knights Templar treasure worth?”. Nobody knows the real price of it because some part of gold just disappeared. Moreover, the themes about this order are widely spread and even nowadays there is a chance to see a person with Knights Templar keychain. People find it a stylish and beautiful accessory. 

Did Knight Templars Invent Banks?

There are a lot of facts that this order invented banking in the middle ages. They created an excellent method of protecting finance. Even nowadays it is used by a lot of new banks. The Knights paid a lot of attention to financial affairs, especially in the countries of Europe. They borrowed a considerable sum of money to kings and barons. Plenty of facts testify that such actions caused a fatal end of this order. 

What Happened to the Templars? 

Philip IV, who owed the Templars a significant sum of money decided to destroy them. They were killed in Paris. Before death, a lot of knights were arrested and tortured. After their destruction, all knights Templar gold was divided between two kings: Philips IV and Edward II. And even to this day, scientists continue to define the real Knights Templar coin worth. 

What Were the Specialties of Templars’ Lives? 

Every knight should wear a uniform – a long white tunic with a red cross on the chest. Such a strange suit symbolizes the purity of knight and readiness to die in battle. Moreover, every Templar was just obligated to wear such clothes.

Not everyone can become a member of the order. It was a complicated process to become one of them. First of all, a person had to earn trust and respect. Moreover, Templar life was not very easy because there were a lot of rules which they were obligated to follow; for example, knights had no right to marry. 

Despite a significant amount of Templar gold, they were modest in life. Even on their seal is depicted two knights on one horse as a symbol of poverty. 

So the life of Templars was modest despite their wealth. It looks like they were obsessed with the idea of poverty, and the order’s seal vividly shows that. Such a thing seems strange to us how rich people can live in this way, but the fact remains the fact.