Wrap A Poster

How To Wrap A Poster | Three Simple Ways

Posters are always a good idea, no matter for what purpose you order them – whether you want to decorate your bedroom or gift it to your beloved one. The poster print center provides a wide assortment of posters to suit any customer`s needs. However, many people might get confused about wrapping posters for presents. Well, there are several ways related to original wrapping posters! Keep reading to discover them.

Three simple ways to wrap a poster

1. Use a tube

Multiple modern printing services offer poster shipping in special postal tubes. They might be black or other basic colors. You can buy such a tube in the nearest post office. Once you have a poster in a tube, you get more time for decorating! Choose any decorating paper to wrap a tube, depending on the occasion. It might be themed poster tubes, too. Don`t forget to add ribbons or bows to make a poster tube look even more festive. Various silk ribbons are more luxurious, while textile ones make a postal tube more sophisticated.

2. Decorate a framed poster

Whether you place a placard in a frame, the decorative process is a little different. Consider decorating a frame in the style of a poster itself by wrapping it in colorful or tissue paper. You can fix some details on tops like dry flowers or dry fruits to compliment the inside placard. 

Additionally, you can use a transparent cellophane wrapper and a few silver or gold ribbons to make a frame for a truly stylish gift. Keep in mind that decorative paper or cellophane should be carefully fixed to avoid unexpected moments. For this purpose, you can utilize scotch tape or a stapler.

3. Roll your poster

Once your placard is not in a tube or frame, you might ask about how to roll a poster. This process is effortless. You have to twist a poster tight in a roll and then fix it with tape, ribbon, or decorative rope. Similar to previous ways, you can wrap a roll with the paper of your choice. The brilliant idea is to use cellophane or tissue paper to cover a placard and fix the ends with rubber bands or ribbons. Fix an envelope or card with congratulations on the top, and your perfect gift is ready! We are sure that a birthday person will love such a present.

Tip: Don`t roll vintage or rare posters as you can easily damage them. In that case, it would be better to put it in a frame and then engage in decorating.

Tip 2: You can use two-sided scotch tape for wrapping your poster with paper to make an overall look even neater. The transparent tape might be visible.