Auto Shipping During The Holidays

Five Tips For Auto Shipping During The Holidays

Personal cars and trucks are produced and delivered within 365 days a year, they travel around our country searching for a customer, and we do not even notice it.

But there is a moment that we see clearly – this is the absence of trucks on the roads of the United States during the holidays and the holiday season. This is because many companies allow employees to change their schedules, carving out a place for themselves to relax. Therefore, trucking is often difficult to access at certain times of the year, but this should not interfere with your plans, right?

Let’s talk about the tricks that need to be used for the car transportation company to deliver the transport when you need it. We’ve put together five tips to help you organize your new purchase during the busiest season.

1. Plan ahead

If you rush to book a car transporter at the very last moment, you will not find car shipping during holidays with one hundred percent probability. Car transportation must be ordered months before this event or at least two weeks. So you will be able to get transport within the time limit set by you, and you will not have to urgently come up with something, since your car will still be on the way.

2. Be flexible

It is important not to close down and not switch to a strictly business-like communication style when talking with a broker who deals with transport or with representatives of the carrier company. Do not be shy. It is better to ask directly about what problems may arise, what to do in this case, how much the service will cost together with insurance during this period, how many of their drivers work during the holidays, and whether they can deliver everything on time.

Also, it would help if you talked frankly about what difficulties may be associated with the final point of delivery – the place where you live. For example, discuss the likelihood of worsening weather conditions, the possibility of traffic jams, etc. Find out how busy the company’s employees are on holidays and which of them will be able to fit your cargo into their schedule.

3. Not after Thanksgiving

This is not the best time of the year to worry about the delivery of your vehicle. Why? For several reasons at once:

 • companies will most likely be closed for the period of a big family holiday;

 • if you find free carriers, they will ask twice as much for transporting the cargo.

 • Do not be fooled by the fact that this is an extra day off, as this time is one of the most active times of the year when all Americans go to visit their families. This means that due to traffic jams, holiday car shipping delays are guaranteed.

4. Not within seven days after the Christmas holidays.

People involved in road transport, working as truckers, and drivers also have the right to rest. Moreover, they rarely see their families – wives, children, parents, and friends, because they are on the road all the time. Therefore, for many, Christmas is when they can spend magical evenings with their loved ones. Understand that in many cases, whatever money you offer, you will not be able to convince carriers to work for you. And if the car transporter works, all the drivers will be busy months before.  

5. Don’t expect too much.

Understandably, you need to deliver the car on time. However, do not forget that carriers are often not to blame for delays, emergencies, and their high workload.